Windows 11 release date, new features, and compatibility

Once that’s done, you should also head to Windows Update in the new Settings app and check for updates there to ensure you have the latest drivers designed for Windows 11. For example, Windows 11 has new Contrast themes, redesigned closed caption themes, and AI-powered Windows Voice Typing. The new OS also adds APIs for programming assistive apps, and even the Windows Subsystem for Linux now has accessibility options. One of the more irksome things about Windows 10 is its inconsistent settings windows and dialogs.

To take a screenshot on your computer, using hotkeys may be the most direct way. Therefore, we will show you how to screenshot your laptop screen with a press of the keyboard first. The PrintScreen key is designed to take screenshots on your computer screen with just one click. Let’s dive in and see exactly how you can take screenshots with the PrintScreen key. You can also press the PrtScr key to take the screenshot using Lightshot, apart from that the shortcut keys can also be modified in the Options… menu of the app.

❓ What is the best way to capture a Windows 10 screen?

Well, automatically your screenshots will be stored in laptop storage. You can see it in the Pictures – Screenshots folder. Later the system will automatically capture the image in the currently active window. Also, remember that for Windows 10 Mobile you need to press the volume up button at the same time as the power button to grab a screenshot. Really ought to be in the article, but in the comments is a good work-around.

  • Android apps were a big part of the Windows 11 announcement, but they’re still only available as a preview.
  • Microsoft Office is getting updated with a new design too, again to better align itself with Windows 11, though to a much lesser extent than other apps.
  • Once a device is paired, it will connect automatically with your PC when Bluetooth is enabled.

Ten seconds is just enough time to arrange site oficial the Windows 10 login screen, but you have to be a bit fast. Whether you want to showcase the login credentials, on-screen keyboard, magnifier, or sticky keys, all can be captured. The Snip & Sketch window automatically comes into view after 10 seconds and grabs the screen. There are many kinds of malware that depend on screenshots to steal your passwords and files. As a result, Winlogon has an internal mechanism to block such tools from getting access to your login screen. The quickest way to grab a screenshot is by pressing Windows Key and Prt Sctogether.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Surface Pro Using a Keyboard

Press Windows + Print Screen to save a file instead of copying it to the clipboard. This will save a snapshot to the This PCPicturesScreenshots directory. Using Adjusting Delay, you can capture a screenshot of another window by selecting a time interval between 1 and 5 seconds.

For PC issues

However, while there are lots of visual changes, Windows 11 should be an easy transition from Windows 10 for most people. Windows 11 is Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system. Few were predicting its arrival at the beginning of 2021, with Windows 10 previously described as “the last version of Windows”. As Panos shared in June, Windows is more than an operating system; it’s where we connect with people, it’s where we learn, work and play.

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