How to Install Windows 10 Using a USB Drive

The main issue is that if you use your windows 8.1 product key during a clean install, it won’t accept it. If you skip the product key, you’ll have an un-activated version of windows installed. After talking to Microsoft support, they basically want you to buy windows 10 if you truly want to do a clean installl. My suggestion is to do a “fresh” install (don’t save any previous files and apps). This shoves your old drive into the windows.old folder and freshly installs windows. Then you can run disc cleanup and remove the windows.old folder.

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Navigate to your newly-created ISO file in Explorer. Finally, before the installation of Windows NT, we recommend you run smartdrv, which helps the installation of Windows NT run a lot faster. How to install the Microsoft Windows operating system. On the Install Windows screen, select your preferred language and other preferences, then click Next.

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Option to save the screen shot to any location on your computer . If you press the PrtSc key on your keyboard, it will open the Snipping Tool. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use the longShift + Windows Key + Scombination to open the Snip and Sketch tool, you can use the PrtSc key to do the same. There may be another software having conflicts with the Snipping Tool, to the Snipping tool may not work properly when some related system files are damaged. Whatever the reason here few solutions help fix the problem.

You can begin using it immediately since you installed all drivers and updates in Windows 10. Wait for the Boot Camp installer to finish installing all drivers. The installation process is now complete and the Wazuh agent is successfully installed on your Windows system. The next step is to register and configure the agent to communicate with the Wazuh manager. To perform this action, see the Wazuh agent enrollment section. To start the installation process, download the Windows installer.

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There’s no indication that Windows 10’s versions of any of these apps have been affected. The new Snipping Tool updates its predecessor’s Windows 7-era UI while integrating the features of Windows 10’s duplicative Snip & Sketch tool. When an app is not running correctly or the app’s certain features fail to work properly, you can give it a try to repair and reset it with the built-in process Apps & features.

Activating Windows

You can do that by clicking on the taskbar before pressing the Windows key + G. It comes preinstalled with Windows 10 but If this tool is not installed on your machine, it is available in a Microsoft store for free. In this case, you can press the first two Print Screen commands to automatically save an image file to OneDrive.

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